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Merry McAlroy asked 4 years ago

Another update regarding my ICBC UnionPay card. I found out today that the card can either be used as debit or credit and still pull from my credit line. When I activated the card, I was asked to set up a PIN for chip & PIN terminals. 


I used the card at 3 different places today and had some interesting results.


At the post office, I slid the card (no chip) and was asked for a pin. I told the clerk I did not have a PIN and she forced it to go as credit. On the receipt it said card type: UnionPay- China.


At Macy’s I inserted the chip, got the error message and swiped. I was prompted for a PIN. This time I just put the number in and the card was approved. This receipt said card type: Debit Discover


Finally, at the gas station, I specifically selected debit and the transaction went through with the PIN. Card type: Debit


I have never heard of a credit card that can be used as credit or debit and still pull from a credit line. This is another quirk that I love about this card. 

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