I need Advice Please

QuestionsI need Advice Please
Cleveland Griffis asked 6 years ago

I have been using this forum for a couple of months now and I would like to thank all you for sharing your experiences and valuable insight. I am rebuilding my credit. I have had the misfortune of some medical issue and just now getting back on my feet both mentally and physically.  After a botched hysterectomy I have accumulated quite a bit of medical collections and a few from a neck surgery.  15 total and the oldest being 2009. The most expensive one is $ 608 and the least amount is $ 30.  What do I do to get these things removed. I have a target from 2007 that was bought by Midland Funding both are showing on the credit file. I don’t know which way is is up. Her is a snap shot of scores 

Eq- 633

Ex- 637

TU- 611


i was recently approved for

Amx Surpass $ 1k    June 4 2015

Rooms to Go (Synchony Bank).  June 13 2015.    Helping DD with furnishing apt.  Balance. 2500 CRB $ 0 balance. (Guess to new)


I have 30k in student loans

3000k secured cc with $ 2107 balance 

78k mortgage balance


Equifax and TransU states the type of credit I have is poor. What does this mean?

AAmex is not showing on CBR yet



where do I start to improve my scores to get a credit increase at the 61 day mark?


i have offers from

Case Freedom

Amx business Gold Premier

Amx green

Citi advantage

4 offers from Capital One – platinum 


2 hard inquiries this year in June and 1 last Dec/2014  for installment loan with credit union that’s was paid off in 6 months


i haven’t had inquiry in 6 years


thanks in advance for you valuable help



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