I need a lot of help – credit report errors

QuestionsI need a lot of help – credit report errors
asked 4 years ago

I need advice.


I got an alert on CreditKarma this morning that my name had been changed on my credit report to my mother’s name. Having not pulled my actual credit report in more than 6 months, I went ahead and pulled my TU credit report from annualcreditreport.com. At the top, sure enough, there is my mom’s name. My name is listed as an alternate name. There’s actually a couple of other errors as well — the report lists three addresses I’ve never lived at (two of them are addresses my parents have lived at). One of my listed phone numbers is my dad’s. 


I am only vaguely aware of the dispute process, but I think I can figure it out — that isn’t my issue. But I want to take this opportunity, if I can, to kill two birds with one stone.


Slight backstory: My parents opened student loans in my name a few years ago without my knowledge and were severely late on several of those payments. As frustrating as this is, I never took legal action because I didn’t want to sue my parents. But with my extremely limited understanding of how the dispute process works, I’ve heard if I file a dispute and it isn’t addressed within 30 days, that TU will have to remove it from my file. 


This leads to my final question. Do you recommend that I dispute the late student loan payments as being mine in addition to disputing the other errors (name, address, phone number) in hopes they don’t process my disputes in time? If they fail to address this all in time, doesn’t it get removed from my credit report? Or am I using bad strategy — would you recommend I dispute the errors one at a time? Would you recommend that I not dispute the student loan payments at all?


I’m so sorry for my ignorance. I’ve been here awhile but I pretty much only stay in the credit card part of the forums. I never venture (no pun intended) here so this uncharted territory for me.


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