I Need 15-20 Points

QuestionsI Need 15-20 Points
asked 2 years ago

Hi Guys,


I need some help as I continue my credit rebuilding journey. I am looking for ways that I can boost my credit up about 15-20 points. I have some lenders that will approve me for a mortgage but I need to get the score up a bit.


Current FICO Scores:

607, 641, 665


My credit report is basically clean now after I worked on rebuilding for the past year. The only places I can see impact is from balances:


-Student Loan is at 60k. But it’s in deferment for another year.

-Car Loan is at 9,000.

-10 inquiries


Everything else is clean:

-I have no collections that need to be paid

-I have 2 credit cards with only a 10$ balance on both. I buy coffee and gas with them and then pay them back.

-I disputed a lot of accounts to get things removed which helped a lot.



I’m just running out of ideas to keep the score going up besides waiting overtime. 



Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!

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