I guess I went on a mini-spree?

QuestionsI guess I went on a mini-spree?
asked 3 years ago

I was adamantly against apping for new cards in 2016. Welp. So I got approved for Venture @10K in late December, got approved for the PRG last month, Discover @4K on Tuesday and Marriott @ 5K today. Moved $ 5K of my credit line from CSP to Marriott to make it $ 10K and downgraded to CS. May be closing soon. Also closing AA once it paid off and Venture once it hits 6 months. Which will hopefully give me a $ 21K line on my Quiksilver and $ 3500 line on Forward (I have to leave at least $ 2K on the AA). Welp! This was quite successful and I’ve acquired all the cards I’ve actually wanted.No more apps for me. Time to start focusing on other aspects of my financial health.

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