I Feel Good! Fico Scores Up, Yay!!!

QuestionsI Feel Good! Fico Scores Up, Yay!!!
asked 4 years ago



I just checked my credit reports and my Fico 8 scores on CCT and my scores are up!  I am so excited and encouraged.


Oct. 2015                 Today (Dec. 2015)


EX.    533                    EX.   595   +62 pts

TU     527                   TU    559    +32

EQ     575                    EQ   611    +36


While I know this may not seem like a lot for some, for me it’s a blesing to see my scores rise.  I still work to do but I am up to the challenge.  I need a car badly but, I plan to wait as long as I possibly can before I go applying for an auto loan.              



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