I dont know what to do…any advice welcomed.

QuestionsI dont know what to do…any advice welcomed.
Kami Sturgess asked 5 years ago

So i filed for chapter 13 bankruptcy and then switched to a Chapter7 that was discharged in October2013. Immediately after I start getting credit offers and fell back in to the trap. i  currently have a kohls account (balance 313/300 limit., and Barclays Rewads card 914 balance/750 limit, express 313/limit 250, zales 1000/1000 limit and a closed  barclay finaning visa 1400/1500 limit.


So as you can see i am maxed out. I am a single mom so I have childcare expenses and I have an extremely bad car payment of 511/month that I cannot afford. I dont have health insurance because I cant afford it and my prescriptions total 125 month. RIght now I am only pay 630/month rent which includes utilities but Im moving in two months so my expensives are going to increase.


I am at my wits end and know that this is all my fault. I want to enroll in a DMP but right now cant afford any payement. My credit is tanking and Im feeling overhwelmed. I dont know what to do. Someone give me any advice please!

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