I can’t figure out this score drop

QuestionsI can’t figure out this score drop
asked 3 years ago

My utilization hasn’t been great lately, so my scores had been in the 650 range. I had utilization around 74%, but I managed to get a cli from Amazon of $ 3,000. My utilization went down to 47%, and my scores went up just passed 700… For about an hour. Right after equifax went down by 73 points, and transunion went down by 56 points. Never a late payment, zero inquiries in 2 years, and no new accounts.

The only things out of the norm was an inquiry from a year from synchrony for Amazon that they said was a mistake and removed it. Also an app for futurepay where they goofed and ran my shipping address as my mailing address so it got stopped for fraud. I checked, and there are no inquiries resulting from it.

Could either of those 2 things have dropped scores that much? I can’t think of any other reason it would go up that much, then down even more right away.

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