I Am Addicted to Applying for Credit Cards

QuestionsI Am Addicted to Applying for Credit Cards
asked 4 years ago

I never had a credit card in my life until spring this year. I don’t know why I applied for credit cards but I went on a spree, randomly applying for junk cards. I didn’t know that junk cards exist. I thought all cards were created equal. First I was shopping for a iPhone, then this pop up appeared for me to apply for a Barclay Apples Reward Card for 0% interest for blah blah months. I paid that off and now I have no use for this junk card. I still have their $ 25 iTunes card. Why buy music when it’s free on Youtube or Spotify? Then for whatever reason I decided to learn what credit scores mean and what the …. they were, so I joined some free credit score website. Then they said, with you score you should apply for yaddy yaddy, junk cards. So I ended up with two more junk cards, some student Capital One card and a Capital One Mastercard. Well they are now Quicksilver cards. Then just a few days ago, I decided to go on a frenzy and apply for cards and ignore what these free credit score webpage told me to apply for. I applied for Discover it and American Express Blue Cash and was approved.


I wish I didn’t listen to these stupid credit card ads when I was shopping for an iPhone. I wish I didn’t listen to these stupid free credit scores because they told me to apply for crap cards when I could have gotten better cards. Now I want to make up and get another card because I don’t like the trash cards I stupidly applied for because of my ignorance. Should the next card I apply to be the Citi Double Cash Back card? The free credit score made me feel like an idiot and I want to make up for that; kind of like that Snicker’s commercial where the guys had to tear off their chest hairs because they did something girly.  Is this a common story for credit card noobs?

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