How uninformed are comenity reps?

QuestionsHow uninformed are comenity reps?
asked 4 years ago

So, after finding out that comenity had reported one of my cards on my wife’s report (I added her as a cardholder, but never entered social or anything but name) I got on the phone with all 3 of my comenity cards today to verfy a few things.


One of my cards received a CLI of over 3x it’s original limit, so I figured I’d call into the other one and ask if they could do the same (they were opened on the same day, the usage has been nearly identical.)  However, one of the cards has the CLI button that works and the other has the CLI button but it doesn’t work.  When I get to the screen to enter my income, it just stays there, doesn’t ever process.  I’ve tried it from a computer, tablet, phone etc. and it’s the identical response of nothing.  So I called to say “hey, can you match my limit on my other card?”  I was told they’d have to do a hard pull, I said


“No, I don’t want a hard pull for a comenity card, no offense, but no thanks.  Why doesn’t my button work?” 


Sir, it’s a hard pull every time you hit that button too. …..


“Um…no ma’am, it isn’t.  I hit it once a week on my other cards and there is never a hard pull” 


That may be what you think, but I guarantee you it’s a hard pull. There is no such thing as a “soft pull” ever.





So I figured I’d call back and see if someone else had ever heard of a soft pull.  Nope was basically told the exact same thing.  Meanwhile, I just got a CLI with a soft pull, I received these cards with a soft pull……but apparently it doesn’t exist.


Why is it so tough these days???  If I’m unsure of something I will tell someone “you know, I’m not 100% sure, let me find out.”  But I would never just flat out make up lies and spread untruths……kinda ridiculous if you ask me…




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