How to view “what’s changed” on Credit Check Total?

QuestionsHow to view “what’s changed” on Credit Check Total?
Kristofer Aguilera asked 5 years ago

Hey all. My score mysteriously dropped 14 points between yesterday and today and I can’t figure out, for the life of me, what caused it.


On Credit Karma, whenever your score changes (up or down), you can tap on the score and there’s a section called “What’s changed” and it shows things like, “Balance increased on Capital One”, “Balance decreased on Citibank”, “Average age of accounts increased”, “1 new inquiry”, etc.


Is there an equivalent on Credit Check Total for each time your score changes? I know under the “Protection” tab it shows major things like if there’s a big balance change or a credit report is pulled, but I’m looking for something more granular that might indicate why or how a score could change so much in a day.


Thanks in advance!

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