How to utilize a good score?

QuestionsHow to utilize a good score?
Cindy Guffey asked 5 years ago

Hi all!


New member here who stumbled upon this forum researching the Marriott Rewards Credit Card. I didn’t realize there was a whole community dedicated to getting the best FICO scores. 

So I have a pretty good FICO score, 803 and 800 last I checked. I made the (one) smart realization when I was in college that if I get a credit card early in life, and just make every payment in full, then my credit score would be awesome! I read that advice while browsing some forum about finance.


Anyway, problem is I have no use for my credit score. I have no debt and no future plans on taking on any loans. I just got approved for the Marriott card for 28k, so my utilization is now around 80k. What other benefits are there for having a high score? Seems like unless I’m taking on a loan, there’s really no benefit.

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