How to prevent identity theft (or keep others from using your credit?)

QuestionsHow to prevent identity theft (or keep others from using your credit?)
asked 4 years ago

Here is the scenerio that has me asking this question:


I became disabled almost 10 years ago and did the unthinkable, I closed any accounts in my already thin credit files after I had to quit working.  A year or so ago, after my finances were in a much better position, I started up the road of rebuilding my credit.


On one of my reports, I saw an address being reported for me that I have never lived at, and do not know anyone who lives there.  (This was when I lived in a VERY small county, and there was only about 2000 population in this community.  This other address was only a few miles from the address I did live at that time, so I don’t think it’s a coincidence, and I believe someone that I was at least familiar with may have tried to use my SSN for credit.  Fortunately for me, at that time I had no credit.  This is only on one report that I can see, and it shows the address as being reported in 2010.


Q#1:  Is there any way I can request the CRA to tell me WHO reported that address?


Q#2:  Which option would I choose to place on all of  my credit files with the 3 CRAs that would prevent anyone from either pulling my credit reports or providing credit to someone whose applied and my credit is pulled?


(I hope that makes sense.  It wasn’t a big deal before, but now that my scores are getting higher and good payments history is establishing, etc, I want to protect my hard work)

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