How to pay off CC debt when living Outside the US?

QuestionsHow to pay off CC debt when living Outside the US?
Emilie Hornsby asked 6 years ago

Hello all. I believe I am in a somewhat unique situation. I lived in the US when I was a grad student, got a Capital One Credit card in the summer of 2007. I left the US in the fall of 2009. I kept paying (and using) my credit card, using a relative’s address. Late 2013 though, he stopped using my money to pay off my card and instead bought stuff for himself. The card has always been with me so he was only using the money I was sending and not my cc.


Fast fordward to this year and my aunt tells me I have all these letters regarding my credit card. Long story short, I am being contacted by a collection agency. I owe almost $ 3500 dollars, as no payment had been made in more or less 18 months.


The thing is, I do not live in the US anymore. I want to pay, ideally in full but I’m flexible on that. How do I proceed? 


I know you have to ask for things in writing and all that stuff, which complicates my situation a bit since I am not physically in the country. I am reading about ho to pay, and how you should always send a cashiers check. I have a savings account with Wells Fargo (checking account wasn’t used and had a $ 0 balance for a few months so they cancelled it). 


Should I call the collection agency? Capital One? Any advice is well received at this point as I have absolutely no idea how to proceed and what to do.


Thank you all very much.


TL;DR. Contacted by collector agency regarding cc debt, I no longer live in the US, want to pay debt, how to go about doing this?

F.A.I.L. – free credit report parody

Joshua Nestberg replied 6 years ago


enrager1234 replied 6 years ago

Lol you need ot make another One how lolng it take you to make it?

rebe2010 replied 6 years ago

omg i go to legacyyy this is my favorite video soo far :}

Hoku Curnan replied 6 years ago

@gilgel55 the way i did it is i just had my 2 overheads and in pro tools I
put a high filter on it and went for the low pass sound.. in the end this
is what it came out too. And yes I would recommend the mbox 🙂 its pretty

ONEyeMarco replied 6 years ago

good work

lillosthawaii replied 6 years ago


Hoku Curnan replied 6 years ago

yepp, this coming wednesday

Hanna McCoy-Stauffer replied 6 years ago

I LOVE THIS HOKU and Your cute butt 😀

gilgel55 replied 6 years ago

lol this made me laugh. out of interest do you get decent drum recordings
with the mbox? i thought it might be poor quality due to the fact that you
are only using 2 inputs but yours sounds pretty mint considering this and
it sounds pretty good in the mix. just basically wondering if youd
reccomend mbox ^_^ cheers

thisiskayli replied 6 years ago

I’m addicted to watching this video. It’s so cute and creative. Best one of
the stampede hands down.

DJEDDX replied 6 years ago

Awesome job! I knew this school looked familiar. Its Legacy HS from Vegas
right? Well… anyways, the guitarist looks like Liz from MTV’s show. My
Life As Liz. 😀

chickaaYEAAH replied 6 years ago

haha. (: this is awesome.

marioc2010 replied 6 years ago

you guys did a really good job! nice!!! is this going to be on during

fcukingtarah replied 6 years ago

whos that sexxxxy gutairist?!?! hahahaha:] its me ;D hoku’s amazinnnng!

Hoku Curnan replied 6 years ago

@DJEDDX yeah its legacy in vegas.. haha she kinda does huh..?

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