How soon can I close new accounts (comenity)

QuestionsHow soon can I close new accounts (comenity)
Markus Pinkham asked 5 years ago

Long story short I have been rebuilding my credit for almost a year now and I have gone from a 490 range to 640 Equifax 631 TU and 670 Experian. I went on an app spree a few months back because everyone kept saying I did not have a good mix of credit so I went after cards that would approve me in hopes of raising my score to later get approved for other types of credit. While it didnt terribly hurt my score (lowered credit age) it has done nothing to help. How soon can I close some of the comenity accounts ( i have 4 in total). They were all opened since August 2016 and I really just want them closed. How long am I stuck with them?

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