How Much Should it go up? My credit that is

QuestionsHow Much Should it go up? My credit that is
asked 5 years ago

Back story my husband became disabled in 2010-took almost a year to get social security and I was only working part time then. Needless to say our savings ran out (had to pay cobra) and our credit took a dive. We eventually caught up or paid off all of the debt. We were planning on buying a home next year but for the 2nd time in two years a land lord is selling the house we live in. (Only trying to get the loan in my name). So we are trying to buy this year. My Fico score for mortgages is currently 619. (It blows my mind how different the scores are for different types of loans). I’ve been working on credit repair and have done the following:

2 collection accounts -paid for delete but have not been been removed yet. Just mailed the letters off. They were small amounts $ 47, $ 141. I don’t have any other collections.

Paid off $ 3500 worth of credit card debt. Bringing my utilization down to 25% on one and 0 on the other.

Removed myself as an authorized user name on one of my husbands cards that has a not so good payment history a few years ago.

This was all done in the last few days so it hasn’t taken affect on my credit yet. Just curious how much of a bump I should get when it does?

Thank you for your time!

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