How do you think I have done thus far?

QuestionsHow do you think I have done thus far?
Tristan Schilling asked 6 years ago

Every card in my signature post Quicksilver I have added in the last few months.  My scores have all increased 100 points in the last year, and 40-60 in the last few months. Even with a 120 day late student loan error on my reports. I did end up doubling my care credit limit, and tripling my quicksilvers as well.


I had remorse on Amazon until I realized its consistent usefulness. And that it has been easy to grow.


I do have remorse with Sams. After I found out DoubleCash is the card to use there. I hope to get converted in the next year or two! But then I have a inner struggle on earning rewards or showing use on the PLCC!  I can live with the yearly payout for rewards. That doesn’t bother me. I will hang on to this one.


Credit one also has grown from 500. I am closing it in March before the April AF hits.  Buckle has also grown from 500 very slowly.  Lenovo was really my only single trigger happy app where I probably should have not. Luckily it was a soft pull and it will get used on cyber monday for a thinkpad and docking station.


Total credit lines in May around 13k, now they are around 70k.  Got an APR reduction on the delta gold down to 12.74% and I bet I can get it lower soon too.


My only denials this year have been Sams Club MC (same time as app for PLCC), Chase Hyatt, and then NASA when they AAd me, also Amex 3xcli denied. Also Citi DC SP CLI denied.


It was nice getting 5k right away with my first Amex card, the ED (0 for 15 then 17%) And that they kept saying yes to me for two more cards.


The one thing I will never understand is BOA. How they denied me for the Amtrak and BBR.  Yet approved me on the Amtrak with a Joint app, with the same person I am an AU of, that has scores of 800 and never carries a balance. Next Septermber I am using 1 HP to split the account and request a CLI and APR reduction as well since they gave me their highest apr of 22.99! And try to grab a BBR or two in the next two years.


Part of me really wants to make a few quick decisions.  Take a HP form commerce bank, and if they dont approve me for a larger limit card to combine with, then just close it.  Seen quite a few folks here get instant approvals for 9k+ with scores less than mine.  All of my accounts are either a few months old, or are from April of 2014. My oldest is Care Credit april of 2013. I don’t think closing a few will hurt my utilization at all and I will be just fine. And if cap1 doesnt get me a small increase by December I think I may close them too (24.9% APR).


I am also glad to have a setup at a local credit union. 2.9% for 12 months, then it goes to 7.9%. Can move funds between checking and credit for no fee.


So yeah. It feels pretty good to come into holiday season. Seasoned with coupons, ripe for the pickin, and have some flexibility to earn some points on shopping. But not have to go in to debt by buying things I cannot afford!


Thanks for y’alls advice thus far. It has been pretty good! I like the different view points. The folks that encourage, the folks that try to pull people away. It is so balanced here and friendly!


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