How do you approach someone about fixing their credit?

QuestionsHow do you approach someone about fixing their credit?
Jermaine Moody asked 4 years ago

So yesterday, I invited my friend/coworker out to lunch (Chipotle). After ordering, I realized I didn’t have my wallet! 


“Not to worry,”  I thought to myself. I have Apple Pay! Well, apparently Chipotle is stuck in the past, so they don’t take Apple Pay. 


My coworker said he would pay, and proceede to pull out an orange First Premier credit card. I didn’t say anything to him, but I know how predatory and fee-intensive they can be. I know he has bad credit, because he’s told me. I know what he can do to fix it, and want to help him. How do you approach this kind of situation for someone? 


Side note: One of my friends posted on Facebook today a picture of his chopped up First Premier card. I was very happy to see it. 

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