How do i market Mortgage Leads Live transfer we have? We generate through telemarketing?

QuestionsHow do i market Mortgage Leads Live transfer we have? We generate through telemarketing?
asked 10 years ago

We are a Mortgage Telemarketing company and generate Live transfers where we can make the customers calling loan officers to start the loan applications.
I was just wondering what is the best way to contact mortgage brokers and loan officers to let them know about your leads. We are very bullish, as our leads are 100% Exclusive and are filetered with a lot criterias.
We deal with all 50 states and can generate any type of refinancing leads you want.

Our website is still under contstuction

I would appreciate if you could let me know the best ideas to market out product and sell more live transfers.

I am already doing this in craigslist and that isnt’ bad.

Thanks and advance.

We are a group of telemarketing companies located in India. We generate exclusive leads for refinancing. Currently working with 7 loan officers. I was just wondering how can i find more loan officers who would be interested in purchasing leads from us and close deals quickly.

Any suggestions or queries are welcome at
We generate these leads from our strong team of telemarketers. For cost per lead i would like to send you an e-mail so can i get your contact information.

awaken_now replied 10 years ago

This is all very interesting to me as i am going to purchase someday.
The best is door to door at real estate city organizations.
Can you not call on Realtors like you make your other calls?

good luck

Reaper replied 10 years ago

how much per lead are we talking about?? these qualified leads or simply people with a pulse?

vrazumniy replied 10 years ago

How much do you charge per lead? How do you generate them? Thanks.

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