How can I boost my score ?

QuestionsHow can I boost my score ?
Bebe Vanburen asked 6 years ago

Hi , i HAVE BEEN TRYING TO REBUILD MY HORRIBLE CREDIT AND MY SCORES WERE 431 , 426 AND 440 A YEAR AGO , NOW THEY ARE 481, 504 AND 536 . i HAVE PAID OFF ALL MY OLD DEBT , i NOW HAVE 3 CREDIT CARDS , CAPITAL ONE , CREDIT ONE AND A PLATINUM MASTERCARD . i HAVE 0 BALANCES ON ALL OF THEM . I have never missed a payment or paid late , just this month 2 out of the 3 cards gave me 300 and 500 increases . my question is what can i do to boost my score or is this just a waiting game where it will get better the more pymnts i make ? I am trying to buy a home within a year and any help would be app0reciated . Thank you

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