Home purchase after BK 7

QuestionsHome purchase after BK 7
Hildegarde Eberhardt asked 5 years ago

Hi all!
I know that for Fha loans the min waiting period is 2 years. We have a home that was financed with an fha loan. Bk 7 d/c 12/15. Mortgage was NOT reaffirmed. Just thinking ahead a little bit. If we wanted to purchase another home, would we have to wait 2 years or 3? Can we still sell our home the regular way? What happens if we just walk away from it? Just trying to explore all of our options. We were originally planning to pay and stay. However, my mom ended up coming to live with us and if we could, we would like to find another home that would better suit our needs. We can manage here for a few years comfortably if nec. But we would need to do some construction in order to accommodate her living here for long term. Not sure what we should do. Any suggestions?

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