Home Depot vs Lowe’s – Advice please!!

QuestionsHome Depot vs Lowe’s – Advice please!!
asked 5 years ago

So I’m going to pull the trigger even though i need to be in the garden…if i have to 🙂


My HOA is letting residents aquire more land to either side and back of the house due to the water drought.  HOA doesnt want to bother watering the grass and paying landscapers to cut it either.


I got an estimate from a fence company for $ 6.5k to fence in what belongs to us.  Keep in mind that we just moved in and there was no fence.  If we were to ask for 11′ more to right of the house and 4′ more to the left and get approved by HOA/city, the bid goes to $ 7.5k.  Both include installation and labor.


My friends agreed to help me put up the vinyl fence which they know how to do, if we do it by ourselves.


Do i get a home depot or lowes card to purchase all materials (about $ 3k-$ 4k) or should I charge it on a regualr credit card?


Does either of the stores provide good CLs? 0% for the first year or so?



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