Hmmmm…..nice offer but I think I’ll wait.

QuestionsHmmmm…..nice offer but I think I’ll wait.
Velva Krouse asked 5 years ago

I just opened a new checking and saving account at SunTrust. The branch associate said I was preapproved for their cash rewards card which offered 5% on the first $ 6000 of gas and groceries for the first year, then 2% on gas and groceries after that. 0% APR for 12 months. And you also get a 10% customer bonus when you redeem your rewards into the bank account. My first thought was, well after the first year its not even better than the BofA cash, but then there’s the customer bonus which will grow once my assets do. I was looking for a card to replace BofA but I think I’ll wait it out and see. I have enough for now 

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