Hit with multiple fraud attempts, what now?

QuestionsHit with multiple fraud attempts, what now?
asked 2 years ago

I’m on the phone with Discover Bank as I’m typing this, this is the second fraud attempt against me in the last month. The first being a “card number call in”, apparently card thieves will call a bank to verify the card numbers are correct and valid. I was contacted by Chase, and confirmed that I did not request a card number verification. So back to the Discover situation, I received a notification a few minutes ago that there was an inquiry on my account, it dropped my Equifax 9 pts. I knew I didn’t place any inquiries, so I immedietly started the process of removing it from my account. It seems that someone has a file on me, likely including my name, social, address, etc. What can I do about preventing this in the future? Is there anything I can do? I’ve heard horror stories about people having their credit ruined, can’t help but feel a little helpless. I’m always smart with who I give my info to, the only exception being when I MUST hand my info to a person for processing. 

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