QuestionsHELPPPPPP AMEX Pre-Qual!
Waldo Perkinson asked 4 years ago

Ok so I decided to look at the AmEx cards and thought the BCE looked pretty good so I went through the pre-qual form and welp look below.


Screenshot (63).png


I like the card but it’s still not the Visa I really want. (The single gripe I have with my Disco is the acceptance rate, though I’ve only hit that a few times where I have to use my *shivers* debit card.)


You can see my signature for a bit about me; my Disco is still secured but I’m hoping for a graduation this month. I do want to app for the Chase FU soon though.


My two questions:


1) Are AmEx pre-quals solid? (If it makes a difference, it says specifically 17.49% for me and not the 13.49% – 23.49% on the main page)

2) I’m not even 21, so would it even be honored?


Thanks all!

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