Helping sister with first credit card

QuestionsHelping sister with first credit card
asked 4 years ago

I’m trying to help my sister establish some credit as she is graduating from veterinary school next year. We checked her credit scores using CCT and got EX:776, TU:731, and EQ: 737. Both of us were added as AU on our mother’s AMEX cards when she opened them, so she has that in her favor without establishing credit on her own. I had a small talk with her about trying to establish some credit history before she graduates and has to start taking on monthly expenses plus paying back student loans. All she owns is a debit/credit card through her bank. I figured getting her one card to start putting her groceries, gas, etc. on can help her start to learn how to use a credit card responsibly. I started out with a store credit card while living at home to help with my credit when I was younger. I feel that this was a great starting point for me, but wouldn’t be best for her at this point in her life. Anyone have any suggestions on cards for me to research for her? She’s taking her boards next month so she is unable to look into this at the moment, which is why I’m trying to find the best cards for her to look into after she’s done in December. She doesn’t have any income at the moment, so I know the CL will be low and I think that will work better for her starting out, so she can learn how to use one properly. Her monthly expenses are paid by my mother who deposits the money into her checking account and then my sister uses that money to pay her bills. Everything else she uses her debit/credit card for.

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