Helping my brother

QuestionsHelping my brother
asked 3 years ago

I’m back again…this time with a question for my brother.  He is starting to rebuild his credit.  In college he had one card that went bad (I think Wellsfargo bank) but my mom paid off completely for him.  Until yesterday, all he had were student loans that he is starting to repay.  He just co-borrowed a new vehicle with my mother yesterday and he’s an authorized user on my dad’s chase bank slate card as of June.  He has been using the chase card and paying it off in full but I don’t think it will benefit his score in the way he thinks it will since my dad is the primary card holder.  I want him to get his own card but we don’t know what his credit score is (he didn’t get it from the dealer yesterday).  I know Cap One has low limits and take forever to increase.  Do you recommend anyone else he can start with? We haven’t apped for anything.  I figured it’s best to have a plan before he gets all these denials.  I also thought about Discover Card as an Option.  What do you all suggest?

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