Help with removing a “note” on credit that is wrong.

QuestionsHelp with removing a “note” on credit that is wrong.
Felipa Means asked 6 years ago

I am hoping somebody can help me figure out how to update or remove this “note” on my credit. Last year I had a hard pull with a mortgage company and they said that everything was okay except for my pending foreclosure that I would have to wait at least 3 years after the foreclosure. Trouble is the foreclosure was final in 2010. I explained that to her and she suggested I dispute it and gave me a copy of the report from Credit Plus. On my credit report that I pull this note is not there and it has never been mentioned again until I applied for a secured loan and they denied it due to pending foreclosure…I dont even know which bureau or company this note is coming from to dispute it with and it is not an account that I can dispute…Its just a note. I am hoping someone here can shed some light on this situation it will be greatly appreciated!

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