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asked 4 years ago

Hello everyone. I have recently decided, few months back, to embark on the long journey of repairing my credit. I was young, irresponsible, lazy and just generally had an “oh well, f it” attitude towards bills and other financial responsibilites. I let other people use my credit cards and store cards when I was asked and never received the money to pay them back, found myself drowning in debt and decided ignoring it was the esaiest solution. Now I am 24 with a 440 credit score. And I hate that now, getting turned down for any and everything. Missing out on perks that come with reward cards. Having to rent an apartment instead of owning a house. So I decided now is the time to fix all of this. Just a few questions to see if you all could help me.


All 3 bureuas report score around 440 +/- 10 points. 


A few months back I enlisted Lexingtow Law and o far they have not disapppointed in terms of removals. They have gotten 22 items removed (of 87) off report so far. Most old collections that have been transffered. Even the dreaded Midland Funding. However the sccore impact has been very negligible. Just a few points. Am I wrong in thinking that the difference should be at least a little higher?

However they and I have both had issues with removing a Verizon Wireless and Dish Network collections in the amount of around $ 4200 combined. I never signed up for these services, I think I know who did use my social to do it but I don’t want a family member to get in legal trouble for it, is there any advice in getting these removed?


In addition to enlisting Lexington I also took out a secured card from my local bank with a limit of $ 1100 and have kept utilization below 30% and paid off in full each month. Would an additional secured card or increasing limit on this one help my score greater?


I have an auto loan through Santander (big mistake, 22% interest ugh) taken out a year ago. One missed payment on account from last year.


Next step I am going to take in my student loans through Navient 8 loans (not sure how they do that, I would think they would all be consolidated) all reporting at 120+ days late (said I was irresponsible). I have read miracle stories about using retroactive forbearance and somehow getting those removed, not holding my breath. But at least it would show those as current and start showing on time payments.


My main question is, what other steps should I take that would send me in right direction?


Thank you for reading and for the help!

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