Help with my long term building plan

QuestionsHelp with my long term building plan
asked 4 years ago

First off im fairly new on building my credit up this is the first time I have taken an interest in doing it. I am 28 and never owned a credit card. I did have 2 different things financed before which would be considered installmen loans. Things happened and i fell behind on them but about 3 or 4 years ago they was both paid in full. My wife has excellent credit when we financed her car 2 years ago the dealership said they score they pulled was 850. I am not part of her car loan or the mortage loan(both turned us down when we tried to co sign together on them so she got them alone).


My end game for building my credit is financing a truck(semi truck) for around $ 20-30k and after that a trailer around $ 20k to become my own boss and own my own business. I am currently a company driver. I am hoping to do this as soon as I can hoping for under 3 years.


I recently applied and was approved for a captial one secured and a discover secured card. I used the discover credit monitoring afterwards and it says i dont have a fico score for ex. I have been monitoring it recently on creditkarma though i know their scores are not accurate, but none the less they are reporting between 550-590. Currently am waiting for the cards to come so they have not registered on my reports yet.


My question is now where do i go from here? 


I’ve considered the alliant long secured loan. Should I go for one more card? I am not fond of having funds tied up for a long period though I understand it may be my only option which is why I went for the 2 secured cards. Should I wait for the cards to hit my reports and bring it up some so that I am able to get unsecured cards?



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