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Margarita Winters asked 6 years ago

I looked in the old GW letter support thread but it looks like it was retired. Need help with this GW letter to Portfolio recoveries:


July 20, 2015


Regarding: Account No. XXXXX


Portfolio Recoveries





To Whom It May Concern:


Back in 2013 I had a Capital One account that I loved. Unfortunately due to losing my job and falling on hard financial times I was unable to make payments. I was a lot less informed about credit and how important it was and was very irresponsible at the time, and eventually I fell way behind on the account.


Eventually the account was assigned to Portfolio Recoveries. I am much more responsible and understand how important credit is and not ignoring situations. I worked hard to save up the money to be able to pay this account off.


I am asking for a goodwill in deleting this charge off from my credit report. I made mistake and would like a second chance in building my credit the right way. If you could please remove the collection completely from my credit report as goodwill gesture it would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,


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