Help Tutorial How to Sue CRA and OC Force Action

QuestionsHelp Tutorial How to Sue CRA and OC Force Action
asked 2 years ago



Some fake original creditor (OC) has a tradeline (TL) on my credit report (CR).


1) I plan to dispute with the CRA

2) I expect the CRA to let it stay

3) I need to learn how to sue (or whatever the appropriate legal action is) the CRA and OC

4) The debt is invalid, not true, no way the OC or CRA has any kind of legitimate documents related to it, thereis some mistake

5) Even though peers let me know the CFPB was a joke, as did some of the lawyers, I went through the process. Nothing happened. The OC and CRA could provide nothing related to the “debt.” The OC said the debt was valid. The CFPB closed the case. CFPB asked no questions, waste of time. It was like the BBB wen I went through them first, very strange.


4) As soon as the CRA fails to remove the line, I plan to take legal action, but HOW? I am okay with hiring a lawyer, but I’ve called 15 and none have any advice for me. Most are bankruptcy, credit repair, consumer “specialists.” My credit score is high 800s. I have no need for credit “repair” or bankruptcy.



a) How to force the CRA to remove the TL

b) How to force the OC to provide a signed affidavit that the debt is invalid and discharged with no negative impact up me

c) Or have a judge declare the debt invalid and no negative impact to me

d) Force the CRA and OC report the results back to all CRAs, not just one



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