Help to a new card user whose file may be too thin?

QuestionsHelp to a new card user whose file may be too thin?
asked 4 years ago

I just recently opened two accounts in March 2015. Discover It Chrome for Students and Authorized User of an American Express Hilton Honors. I was denied in March for 3 cards (Target, Amex, and Chase). I want to increase my credit score and diversify my credit portfolio by opening a new card. I was thinking about opening a CapOne Student Journey Rewards Card. After looking into it I decided to try and get pre-qualified for an offer. Results came back with, “Nicholas, we could not provide any matches to your credit report. But based on your choices you may like this card.” So, I do not want to have another hard inquiry if I am going to get denied for this card. It seems I have good chances as I have, reported by CK, a 619 TU and 615 EQ. However, is my file too thin?

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