Help me understand the Capital One secured card

QuestionsHelp me understand the Capital One secured card
Gaston Titsworth asked 6 years ago

Hello all new member here just recovering from paying off my huge student loan and now trying to rebuild my credit. currently active duty military, and a member of Navy federal credit union who i just found out also has a secured credit card option which requires a 500$ deposit, but then i found the capital one secured, and only had to deposit 49$ for a 200$ limit. now my confusion on the description of the card it states i can add additional funds through depositing funds to up my limit +X amount 3000$ max. say if i deposit 300$ will my limit be 500$ for the time i have the card? or will this just go towards my balance and ill have to add this amount every month? or should i just aim for the navy credit union secured card? im sorry for the stupid questions… ive avoided credit for so many years and now that im moving back to the united states realizing ill have to start from day 1. i appreciate any advice given to me!

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