Help!!! I just pre-qualified for Chase!!!!

QuestionsHelp!!! I just pre-qualified for Chase!!!!
Charity Sherlock asked 4 years ago

myFICO’ers please please please help.  I can not believe this.  I just made a post complaining that i never can get Chase nor Citi to pre-qualify me.  Here is the post.


Well what do you think just happened?  I tried Chase and it said,  “Choose one of your pre-qualified offers”!!  I am in a daze!  It;’s offering Freedom, Slate, and Sapphire.  I have no idea what to choose.  My scores according to myFico are all 670.  One collection and some lates in 2014 are my baddies.  Should I go for the Freedom cause it’s easiest?  Or do I have a shot at the other two since it’s in the pre-qual.  I litterally have the screen still opened and waiting for folks to respond to this post. I won’t close it because I might not ever get it again.  We will debate what finally triggered a later LOL (I think I know what triggered the pre-qual).

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