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Hildegarde Eberhardt asked 5 years ago

Hey guy’s,


I’m 22 and trying to rebuild my credit that my parents **bleep**ed up in the past (no need to get into detail)


However, 4 months ago my FICO score was 506, at the time I had no credit cards because nobody would approve me. I first applied to First Premier and they approved me for $ 300, I than got a Discover IT Secured card and deposited $ 700 into it, I later got a CITI Secured card and also put in another $ 500 into there. I use the cards for most of my expenses and pay them off in full at the end of every month never carrying a balance. I also got a new car from Ford and they approved me due to my income (Steady 3-4K a month) and that is also showing on my credit reports. From August to now my FICO score has increased from 506 to 588. I would like some help as to how to raise my score to get atleast into the average pile. As an individual I am very respoinsible with money and do not spend more than I can afford. Should I be looking to apply for more secured cards? Or should I just keep doing what I am currently doing with the 3 cards I have, 



So, here is all the nasty things on my credit report


$ 911 Owed to Directv, disputed right away –FIRST NATIONAL COLLECTION BUR

$ 4K Owed to a apartment complex? -NATIONAL CREDIT SYSTEMS INC

$ 526 owed to Capitol One, disputed right now – PORTFOLIO RECOVERY ASSOCIATES

$ 822 owed to Sprint, will be disputing-PORTFOLIO RECOVERY ASSOCIATES


That’s all the bad stuff I have on my report, biggest issue is the apartment complex which I will be disputing.


TU is showing 545, Equifax is showing 539, FICO at 588


Is this salvagable? I have 3 rotating cards, and a car loan. I have made all my payments on time for all of my open accounts. What do you guy’s think about the sitation? 

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