HELP! Disputed USAA account.

QuestionsHELP! Disputed USAA account.
asked 3 years ago

Years ago in 2008 I became behind on my USAA credit card due to a job change, being a student and 19 at the time. The credit card was $ 500 and was a student account. I paid it off. And waited over 7 years for it to be removed. After 7+ years I disputed it and it still stayed on. Within the last year I disputed the account and they turned it to positive. This account has not had any data showing since 2010 because its been closed. I recently disputed it again and its still showing as positive with no late payments and etc. Its almost as if they created a new account because this time the account wont come off until 2025. Not sure if I should be happy about this. But I find it strange how USAA keeps reporting this account wrong. Its kind of frustrated because for years I maybe had three account on my credit report counting this account and it was negative. It was hard for me to boost my credit score because it was always on there as negative. And now they report it positive and closed with no data. Not sure if I should just leave it or keep fighting it for the sake that it should have been gone a long time ago.

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