Help! Dispute completed. OC still reporting wrong.

QuestionsHelp! Dispute completed. OC still reporting wrong.
asked 3 years ago

My dispute with EQ just completed and an account, Daniels Jewelers, came back with this: The results are: This creditor has verified to OUR company that the current status is being reported correctly. Additional information has been provided from the original source regarding this item. Historical account information was deleted from this account. If you have additional questions about this item please contact: Sherwood MGMT Inc/Daniels. On both my TU and EX, it is reporting correctly as IIB and with a $ 0 bal. What should be my next step? Try and dispute it again? Should I contact the OC and send them a FCRA/FDCPA violation warning? Get an attorney involved? This is the status it is reporting: Status − Charge Off; Type of Account − Revolving and shows a date of 03/15/2016 as the last date of update. That is my date of discharge. I’m confused as to why it’s showing correct on the other 2 and this one they verified as correct. Especially since I provided EQ copies of my schedules for my BK7 and discharge letter including the Certificate of Notice. Can someone please guide me in this?

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