Help! Dispute comments & mortgage

QuestionsHelp! Dispute comments & mortgage
asked 3 years ago

I’m so frustrated! Just got off the phone with a mortgage broker whom we filled out a prequal app last night. I’ve been killing myself trying to repair my credit and my scores are finally where they need to be. I have a Navient account with several late payments, as a result of a goodwill letter or something it is marked as disputed. The mortgage broker told me that if I ask to have the disputed comments removed my score will tank because when it’s disputed the negative information is masked from my score. Is this true?!?
I think he is wrong and the reason he has seen scores tank is because they may have been old trade lines not reporting monthly that appear new because remove the comment updates them. Example: collection hasn’t updated since 2014, dispute removed, now updated in 2016, collection appears newer. Someone please tell me I’m right and he is wrong?!?
If I am right, and the disputed trade line is sill updating each month, would removing the comment have no effect on my score?
Lastly, what is the best way to go about removing comments? Call CRAs?
I’m getting so frustrated and discouraged. I have learned so much from these boards and I’ve come so far. It’s one hurdle after another trying to get a new house!

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