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asked 3 years ago

Hey there! So about 8 months I looked into my credit scores on all 3 bureaus (even though I was terrified) and to my surprise my credit score was pretty much non existent. I was baffled, I had about $ 6000 in debt from a mess I made ok my early 20’s. I’m 35 now, just got married and apparently all of that stuff fell off my credit report. So I was able to get approved for a capital one card with a low limit of $ 300 and I did exactly what I read to do and paid down every month. 5 months after this as promised my limit was increased to $ 750. Somewhere in that 5 months I also got a credit one card (not a huge fan, but I need the accounts) again my limit is low at $ 300 and I try to pay it down every month but occasionally fall short. So I continued reading and saw if I applied for a store card that could help my credit as well. I now also have a VS Angel card with a $ 250 limit. My problem is I won’t have any reason to get any form of new credit such as a car loan, mortgage or student loan. I am disabled and cannot drive and thathe won’t be changing. My husband’s car is only 3 months shy of being paid in full. Our home was paid off decades ago and my father in law owns it. He lives across the country though. Sorry I know too much info. I’m doing my best to help my husband fix his credit, but there is a huge chunk of student loan debt there. It doesn’t qualify as something that will be forgiven either. That is his only debt. It’s like $ 40,000 though. So any advice at all would be outstanding really. My score currently sits at 560 which is ugly. His is at 605. Our combined annual income is about $ 45,000.

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