Waldo Perkinson asked 4 years ago

Hey guys I haven’t posted in the rebuilding section in a long time as I was rid of all negative info on my reports and everything was paid and removed last year, besides my last one that will be excluded IN March .

Anyways I woke up this morning with alerts from my CCT saying I had a new collection account on EX , I immediately freak out and look at the info it’s from a water Dept from an old town I used to live in 2 years ago. When I moved out I gave them my new address and they said I wouldn’t have a balance that my deposit would take care of it anyways but I never received any communication from them at all until this CA reported this acct this morning . It’s only for 78 dollars I don’t mind at all paying if I owe it . I immediately disputed bc I had not gotten any letter or nothing from the CA , then I called them to see if they would accept payment and remove it from my file ..they flat out say NO that they would update as paid but not remove . And we know once the damage is done it’s done and this has totally destroyed all my progress thus far . Where I had over 3 years of no lates now it’s says 3 mths !!!

So next I called the OC and asked them why I was never contacted about a bill if I owed it , she said the city opted to send all past due accts to a CA instead of dealing with it themselves . I was told to call back Mondayto speak to the billing manager bc this girl was so clueless about anything credit related . So I freaking out here , any advice ?
The CA says they sent a letter to my OLD ADDRESS ON Dec 13th and of course I didn’t get it . Is there anything else I can do now ?

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