Heads Up for those who have COs with Cap One

QuestionsHeads Up for those who have COs with Cap One
Betsy Morell asked 5 years ago

In 2014 I pulled my first CR in 5 years. I’ve been cleaning ever since. 2 weeks ago I went through my CR from 2014 and compared it to my most recent one. I wanted to make sure that I have everything addressed. I noticed that there was an extra Capital One charge off on my 2014 that wasn’t on any other CR I have pulled while I’ve been rebuilding. 14 months ago I called C1 and paid off what I thought was the only charge off I had. When I called them, I said “I want to settle any debts I have with you”. They said I have 1 and I paid 1. SO…. Turns out that Cap1 sold one of my debts to a company called “LHR”. The CSR this morning informed me that Cap1 has a new rule in place. IF Cap1 sells the debt and the debt is disputed they delete it. She went on to say that her records indicated that LHR had gone out of business. She was unsure if since LHR had gone out of business if Cap1’s new rule applies to debt sold to debt buyers who gone out of business. That would make sense actually. She told me that my debt from 2010 was deleted, and the 7 year mark is 2/17. So, I am outside the SOL. If anyone bought the assets of LHR, I am clearly not on their radar, you may not be also. I thought I would share this with everyone. 



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