Having 3 lines of revolving is > 2? Guidance question

QuestionsHaving 3 lines of revolving is > 2? Guidance question
asked 6 years ago

Broken the 600 barrier on one CR. Approaching 600 with another and TU is still my great white buffalo.


I’ve gotten the secured Cap1. The unsecured cap1 platinum at $ 500.  Utilization is <5%, one posts Util one posts 0 bal both have activity w micropayments during the month.  1 statement posted w each.


SCT for Vickie’s w PIF for undies before statement cuts. SCT Overstock nothing purchased.


wanting to raise my score obviously, and appear desirable to Prime lenders in the future. 


$ 0 collections x3.

1 Charge Off last summer US Bank $ 750. I will maintain my thought I’m blacklisted yet they are receptive to a secured card option upon questioning.


At this point in time Dear Credit Users do I:


A). garden till 7mths with Cap1. Proceed with what I’ve been doing.

B). assess my USAA or NFCU memberships for a secured (or unsecured if I’m lucky)

C). Positive past history on CR’s with no late’s on a Cap1 auto loan. Go me. Give them a call about the Quicksilver.


I am constantly in the GW Letter battle for the 3 collections until 7yrs or removal happens.

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