Has anyone had luck removing a Mayc’s Charge off?

QuestionsHas anyone had luck removing a Mayc’s Charge off?
Kermit Dove asked 5 years ago

Hi, I have spent hours researching topics on removing charge offs. I know it’s not an easy feat but the success stories I’ve come across are several years old. So I would like to ask the myFico community and those rebuilding their credit, of any RECENT success stories or if there is any new guidance on how to work with Macy’s on getting them to remove if I PIF. My credit score has improved but has hit a plateau Woman SadSmiley Sad


Backstory: Macy’s account was CO on 1/20/12 for $ 1490 but I paid last Oct approx $ 250 toward this balance in 09/2015. However I missed one payment and Macy’s sent the account to collections. The collections account has not been updated in my credit reports but the last reported update shows 2/2016.


The rest of my credit history is satisfactory (student loans, 1.5 yr old CU credit card–$ 1000 cl, 1.5 yr old Cap1 secured card–$ 350 cl, all on time payments and low balances on the cards, recent honda auto loan) but this charge off is really hurting my score. Any advice, success stories, numbers I can call or send faxes to would be appreciated. I tried calling the numbers on the letters but no luck…then tried going through a credit advisor who would negotiate and try to get rid of the CO on my behalf but he was charging an arm and a leg without guarantee.


Thanks and hope I’m posting in the right section!


Yoshi 2014

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