Hard Pull Again?!?

QuestionsHard Pull Again?!?
asked 3 years ago

So I started mortgage shopping in Feb. the company pulled my credit.  I authorized this.  Well it came back we need to clean up our credit some.


Mortgage company emailed us Monday asking if I had taken care of two of the accounts.  I emailed them back told them yes I have taken care of it.  


That I am working on the other two accounts and should be done by mid May.  Mortgage company replies yesterday that they pulled our credit again! 


I did NOT authorize this pull and he didn’t even tell me he was going to do this.  We are not planning to buy till June/July.  So it will have to be pulled 


again.   Why would he do this?  



My questions:


1.  How would you deal with this?


2.  Would you dispute the inquiry?



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