Hard inquiries (not affecting score vs dropping off)

QuestionsHard inquiries (not affecting score vs dropping off)
asked 3 years ago

Since being on the boards I’ve learned that hard inquiries/pulls don’t affect or impact your score after 1 year then they drop off after 2 years. Sometimes this can happen early.
I’ve read some people have lots of inquiries that are to become ineffective on their score and some to drop off. When it drops off can’t lenders still see that you’ve once had that many inquiries at one time? What about when they are ineffective to your score won’t lenders still shy away? Trying to gain understanding. After doing some counting I saw I had 16 inquiries on EX. 9 are to drop off during 2016 and the remainder ineffective during 2016 but dropping off in 2017. I was stunned at that high number. Was I sleep apping?! Lol

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