Handling my Closed vs Open Collections

QuestionsHandling my Closed vs Open Collections
Maude Flood asked 4 years ago

I have an open collections account on my credit report from Midland Funding which bought a $ 1026 debt from synchrony bank. I paid it in full two weeks ago. Midlands policy says that it “stops reporting” on PIF accounts but does this mean they will remove the credit report? Trying to get this one off.
I also have two Closed collections accounts that I’m trying to resolve. One is a $ 2700 debt from Chase which is being handled by a CA named MRS. The other is a $ 406 dollar debt from Capitol One being handled through First Source Advantage. I’m willing to pay both in full to have them taken off but I have yet to get through to a qualified rep to discuss this option. Any advice on these accounts and how I may resolve them to help my credit would be greatly appreciated! I made some stupid decisions in college and am applying to medical school, so I would like these to resolve soon.

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