Had to school the Verizon chick today on HP’s

QuestionsHad to school the Verizon chick today on HP’s
asked 5 years ago

so, Ive dropped my iphone several times (ive got protector case and screen on it), and nothing has ever happened to it. Well, it slipped off my bathroom counter onto my tile  floor face down and &*&*^$ ^&&*^……screen cracked like a spider web. I can still use it though, LOL…but, went to Verizon today to check on my upgrade eligabilty and Im not able to upgrade with a discount till July 3rd…ugh!!  


In the meantime…she offers me the “Edge” program to wear I can upgrade early, and pay over time my new phone…I declined naturally….. and then this is where it gets ugly….


me:  They do a HP for that Edge program, and I dont want another one right now.

rep:  Oh, its ok!! a HP doesnt affect your credit at all!! 

me:   (staring at her with a deer in the headlight look…and just blinking)

me:  um, actually….a HP DOES affect your credit, and actually stays on your report for 2 yrs.

her:  Its not a big deal…really, I know all about this …I can get you signed up right now.

me:  (staring in disbelief that Im actually having this conversation…..”blinking”….thinking happy thoughts….staring and blinking)

her:  I can tell youre thinking about this and want to do it

me:  no, Im actually Im wondering where you get your info from…like, who trains you on credit, and for the record…you have to tell the customer that you are going to pull a credit report before doing it…

(this is where the manager steps in after overhearing the conversation of his new little gungho trainee)

Me: ( Immediately shoots him down)…tell them Ill wait, I can still use the phone, but if it see that they ran my credit on my reports, Ill have both of their jobs, and their high pressure sales and credit ignorance doesnt work with me.


I left in complete disbelief, and frustration, LOL…why must I have these conversations…(only Creditaddict will feel my pain) :smileywink:


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