Had to freeze my Experian report, worried.

QuestionsHad to freeze my Experian report, worried.
asked 4 years ago

Only my Experian report lists TWO other social security numbers that do not belong to me, accompanied by a ton of high-value collections from accounts I never opened. (Thankfully TU and EQ do not have these inaccuracies.) Upon contacting Experian, they told me the only way to dispute these accounts (attached to a totally different social than mine) is to send in my SSN card. Well I tried to upload it via their website but it keeps giving me an error message. I have to snail-mail it to them, so in the meantime I told them to freeze my report.


1. Will this prevent lenders (in my case, Capital One and Synchrony) from giving me CLI? Planning to request one later on this month.

2. Are there any negative effects associated with freezing a report that I should be aware of? Anyone experience any?

3. This does not effect my TU or EQ reports, right? Forgot to ask the rep and they have a LONG wait time right now.


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