GW Feelers 1st Round

QuestionsGW Feelers 1st Round
asked 4 years ago

Finally put my chips in on starting this goodwill process.

1st Round:
Pioneer MCB- one late from 2012
Military star- 2 lates 1 in 2011 and one in 12
Regional Finance: only showing 30 day lates from 2015 and 16. Account was transferred but is now reporting as 2 separate accounts from regional.

I know some 30s have little to no impact on score after 2 years. This is just the start of my gw process. If these work I’ll be more inclined to use that format for the big derogatory on my report.

Harley bike repo: charged off with balance of 5877. Reporting as repo (biggest blimish)

Capital One lates: 2 cards with high balances.
Quilksilver One- 480/500
Platinum- 450/500

The QS1 has 1 60 day and 1 90 day late. The platinum has 3 30 day lates.

I’ll need to pay off all of these before I proceed with gw. The repo I’m not sure if I can PFD since it is still in SOL.

I’ll update in here as news develops. Reply with any suggestions.

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